Using Metal Music as Movie Soundtracks

Some of the most remarkable elements of any movie are the soundtracks that accompany it. The tracks provide a backdrop that helps to bring out the intended theme of the film. Other times they come to the fore to actively drive the story. Different genres of music are used as soundtracks, but there have been many people asking whether heavy metal rock is one of those genres.

The answer is yes. There are many movies that used heavy metal soundtracks and ended up being blockbusters, with the sound backdrops playing a huge role in that success. Movies such as Pet Detective (1994), Airheads (1994), Jonah Hex, Freddy vs Jason (2003), and The Art of Self Defence are just but a few titles that used metal soundtracks prominently. The horror film Saw VI also used an assortment of metal tracks to drive its story. Key among them were the popular metal rock tracks Suicide Silence, Every Time I Die, Shadows Fall, Chimaira, and Hatebreed.

Where to Find Metal Soundtracks

Licensing and copyright issues are a huge concern when picking soundtracks. You should establish an agreement with the copyright owner before using their music. You can do this directly or through agents like who act as a link.

Where to Use Metal Soundtracks

The choice of soundtracks depends entirely on the creativity of those involved in film production. There is no set-out chart of where you can apply metal music and where you cannot. The basic thing to have in mind, however, is what metal music communicates. Heavy metal music is usually a sign of intensity, therefore fits in well with scenes that send out the same vibe. How you twist this feature to fit in with your film is all up to you.