The Seventies Influences in Heavy Metal Music

The 1970s is synonymous with the birth of heavy metal as we know it today. Everyone who was around at that time will appreciate the sounds of the mighty Black Sabbath. They are often quoted as creating the birth of the metal scene today.

1970s Heavy Metal

Along with bands such as Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Motorhead, and Judas Priest, together with their American counterparts, Grand Funk Railroad and Van Halen, amongst others, they formed an exciting but loud form of music known as heavy metal. Doom laden lyrics, searing guitar solos, and the ubiquitous drum solos meant these types of bands could appeal to a new generation of rock music fans and sell out stadiums around the world. This style appealed to fans who wanted something new and unique from the progressive ramblings of the more pretentious bands, such as Yes and Genesis. Similarly, if you are looking for inspiration for new and unique stylish designer homeware and accessories, you should visit the which features products from the best companies.

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No one who likes heavy metal can deny that the 1970s produced the genesis seeds of this soon to take off rock phenomenon. It is music that will never die. Its future popularity is assured, as are the stylish and elegant creations offered by Royal Design.