The Most Vibrant Live Metal Bands

While recorded music is sweet, live music is even sweeter. However, not all metal music bands perform the same when it comes to live performance. And while metal music has had dozens of best live bands, the following bands seem to be on another planet.


Surprised? Unless you started gaining interest in metal music just the other day, you shouldn’t be surprised to see Gallows in this list. If you attended a live performance back in the day when Frank Carter was the band’s vocalist, you would understand why Gallows deserve a mention here. Frank preferred to perform in the crowds, and he would fight people on the stage.

The Chariot

If I were to only mention one band, then I would mention the Chariot. Their live performances were highly charged. No one in the show, including the audience, would look like a zombie. Crowds were always electrified, and the fans would feel as being part of the band.


This one is completely weird. Ask metal fans and they will tell you that the band members are not even humans; they play instruments and perform like robots. Their meteoric rise into stardom came courtesy of playing rock and metal music. In 2017, they came up with an original metal music album, and staged one of the wildest live band shows ever.


Guess what, this one is pronounced “horror.” Yes, that is right. While this group has not had a specific genre that defines them (they have done industrial, punk, hip-hop, blah blah) they have one character which defines them: they know what it means to perform live. They boast dense tones and their vibrant onstage performance says a lot about their rather chaotic shows.


With Till Lindemann (a licensed pyrotechnician) as their lead singer, Rammstein is known for stunning live shows. They also tend to inject political undertones into their stuff, which makes it even weird.