4 of the Absolute Best Rock Songs for Driving

Picture this scenario: you’ve had enough of the slow, boring life and you’re packing everything up and moving on! Apart from a good bag of road snacks and a full tank of gas, you need a face-shredding rock playlist for that long drive to your next stop in life.

To the end, we’ve put together a carefully curated list of the top 5 driving songs for when you decide to pack it all up and get goin’!

Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon

Nothing says open roads and moving to a new place like “Sex on Fire” by the Kings of Leon. Many have speculated about what exactly the song’s lyrics refer to…with some (possibly jokingly?) suggesting venereal disease! Interestingly, for a long time the band really didn’t like the song. Indeed, the Toronto Sun got the scoop in an interview where the band called the song a “piece of sh*t”. They don’t mind it so much now, and we still think its great.

Highway to Hell – AC/DC

Nothing says “road-trip” like this gem from AC/DC. Initially released as a single, the song and the album of the same name were released back in 1979. It is the opening track of the band’s sixth album. Sadly, this album is the last on which you can hear lead singer Bon Scott’s voice, as he passed away in the following year. The inspiration for the song’s name and lyrics was a particularly challenging tour schedule the band had faced.

If you aren’t moving everything yourself (be sure to check out http://movon.com/ if you aren’t) and plan on flying to your new destination, this next one’s got you covered.

Leaving on a Jet Plane – Peter Paul and Mary

Arguably not quite a rock song, nothing will bring back memories and bring out the rose-tinted glasses quite like this track by Peter Paul and Mary, recorded in 1967 but released as a single in 1969. It was originally penned by

John Denver in 1966, and went by the name “Babe I Hate to Go”.

Here I Go Again – Whitesnake

Few songs evoke the feeling of the open road and the sheer joy of the unknown future quite like “Here I Go Again” by British rock band Whitesnake. The song, originally released in 1982, was re-released on their eponymous 1987 album. The 1987 version of the song was ranked 17th out of 100 in VH1’s ‘best songs of the 80s’.

Well there it is – 4 memorable driving songs to build your travel playlist around. You’re moving on to bigger and better things. Now carry on my wayward son, and enjoy the Journey. (yes, that was indeed our clever way of chucking in a runner-up song and artist)