Top Electronic Rock Bands

Music is so diverse that there is something to delight everyone. Electronic rock music is just one of the many genres of music we’ve got, and it’s known by other names such as synthetic or psychedelic. With electronic rock, musicians make use of electronic and digital instruments, using essentially an electric- and bass guitar as well as drums combined with technology to produce electronic rock. The Moog synthesizer which was demonstrated at the Monterey Festival in 1967 drew the attention of the likes of Simon & Garfunkel who wanted to produce pop- and rock music featuring a Moog part. The Moog synthesizer was looked upon as a novel form of electronic keyboard and since its conception in 1964, it has been the standard of electronic rock music.

Computers Replacing Music Instruments?

Many young people today aren’t interested in learning a musical instrument – they’re computer friends who make use of computers which have all but replaced the need for guitars and other instruments. The 6-string electric guitar isn’t the only musical instrument facing extinction, with electric guitar sales being at their lowest ever. It makes one wonder if we aren’t seeing the death of the electric guitar, what with leading manufacturers such as Fender and Gibson having been in terrible debt over lack of sales. Guitar sales are down as ‘guitar heroes’ of the 60s and 70s are passing on and in their place is the computer. The younger generation aren’t going to music lessons, they’ve got their mobile devices constantly attached to their bodies streaming or listening to sounds. It could be that it’s just modern life but parents don’t see the need to invest in music lessons for their youngsters who rely on a computer to fulfil their music needs.

Make Beats with Mobile Apps

If you want to learn how to make beats, it is easy to start making beats from your smartphone and table. There are mobile apps for literally everything. There are heaps of beat maker apps that allow you to produce beats easily making use of a range of music styles. Some of them have advanced options, allowing you to create beats in just a few minutes. Also, free tutorials are included with beat making software and you can create all kinds of music beats with programs which can be purchased online and used on your computer. As a beginner, there’s no need to invest in hardware and everything can be made with your computer and the software, coming with loads of features which allow you to start creating your own beats and sounding like a pro in just a few minutes.