Europe the Band

  Many are those who remember Europe the band for their mega-hit The Final Countdown, released in 1986. Being very melodic and epic, it is not really being considered to be very metal-esque. However, the sound of Europe has not always been like this. Europe released their self-titled first album in 1983, following a Swedish

Lynch Mob and Wicked Sensations

  Guitarist George Lynch of Dokken fame left the band in 1989, after the release of their last album of the eighties. He formed the band Lynch Mob with singer Oni Logan and Dokken drummer Wild Mick Brown. Together these guys released the album Wicked Sensation in 1990, which was a highly anticipated release for

AOR Music – Metal Light

  The melodic side of hard rock, or metal, is called AOR: Adult Oriented Rock or Album Oriented Rock (both applies). AOR music emerged from bands like Journey and Toto and applied to bands playing a very melodic type of hard rock. This sub genre is very much based on a rich keyboard sound, in