Lynch Mob and Wicked Sensations


Guitarist George Lynch of Dokken fame left the band in 1989, after the release of their last album of the eighties. He formed the band Lynch Mob with singer Oni Logan and Dokken drummer Wild Mick Brown. Together these guys released the album Wicked Sensation in 1990, which was a highly anticipated release for all fans of Dokken and George Lynch. It contained heavy riffing, groovy rhythms and memorable hard rock songs – and even a couple of singles. Like most metal bands Lynch Mob was a success in Japan, but also in America and Europe.

Their next album was self-titled and contained a tasteful collection of songs that were not as heavy as the debut. This album was more “bluesy” than its predecessor, and introduced saxophones to jazz things up. George Lynch’s guitar playing was as good as ever, though. Disapointing, though, was another album release a couple of years later when Smoke This saw the light of day. This was, lo and behold, more or less a rap album. A bit of a strange move to be sure, but George Lynch probably wanted to do a bit of experimentation.