Europe the Band


Many are those who remember Europe the band for their mega-hit The Final Countdown, released in 1986. Being very melodic and epic, it is not really being considered to be very metal-esque. However, the sound of Europe has not always been like this.

Europe released their self-titled first album in 1983, following a Swedish rock contest where they ended up as number 1. This was a metal record, miles away from the sound of The Final Countdown. The album was hardly a hit anywhere, but the band and its musicians did indeed have potential. Europe remained a metal band for their follow-up album released in 1984, called Wings of Tomorrow. This album had a few hit singles and managed to attract some attention outside of Sweden.

Europe sacked their drummer, Tony Reno, short after the album was released and he was replaced by Ian Haugland. The band released an EP in 1985 with the songs On the Loose and the coming hit single Rock the Night. Rock the Night was also released as a single on its own, before finally ending up on the Final Countdown album (as a remixed, less heavy, version). The band broke up in 1993.