AOR Music – Metal Light


The melodic side of hard rock, or metal, is called AOR: Adult Oriented Rock or Album Oriented Rock (both applies). AOR music emerged from bands like Journey and Toto and applied to bands playing a very melodic type of hard rock. This sub genre is very much based on a rich keyboard sound, in most cases taking over the job of the guitars largely dominating metal music. AOR music has seen a huge number of hits over the years, for example Eye of the Tiger by Survivor, Hold the Line by Toto, and the Final Countdown by Europe.

AOR music is very much alive today with bands from various countries around the world. Hence, it is easy finding your favourite band. Some notable and recent bands from the genre include FM and Strangeways from the UK, Stage Dolls from Norway, Lionville and Work of Art from Sweden, and 91 Suite from Spain.

Being very melodic, one would think that AOR music would be more frequently played on the radio. Alas, this is not the case as few AOR bands are signed to the bigger record companies.