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Using Metal Music as Movie Soundtracks

Some of the most remarkable elements of any movie are the soundtracks that accompany it. The tracks provide a backdrop that helps to bring out the intended theme of the film. Other times they come to the fore to actively drive the story. Different genres of music are used as soundtracks, but there have been

The Infamous Black Metal Scene

Black metal is arguably the most extreme subgenre of metal. It is famous for its dark, misanthropic atmosphere, and often satanic imagery and lyrics. This particular genre is said to have originated in Newcastle upon Tyne, where the band Venom, in 1982, released an album titled “Black Metal“, after having decided to take their music

Top Electronic Rock Bands

Music is so diverse that there is something to delight everyone. Electronic rock music is just one of the many genres of music we’ve got, and it’s known by other names such as synthetic or psychedelic. With electronic rock, musicians make use of electronic and digital instruments, using essentially an electric- and bass guitar as

Heavy Metal Music

  The tougher side of rock music has always attracted some people, and it has in fact been around for many years now. It is hard to pinpoint the exact start of so-called hard rock music, but it roughly saw the light of day in the late sixties. American guitarist Jimi Hendrix introduced some new